Norgine Ventures completes financing with Alesi

Alesi Surgical Limited, a privately owned Welsh company, is the developer of the UltravisionTM system that uses electrostatic technology to manage surgical smoke and bioaerosols which are generated by modern surgical cutting instruments during surgery, reducing the exposure level for surgeons and surgical teams. The company is partnered with Olympus Corporation of the Americas, for […]

Norgine Ventures completes financing with ImaginAb

ImaginAb, a privately owned biotechnology company based in Los Angeles, USA, is specialised in engineering of antibody fragments. The company’s lead program, 89Zr-Df-crefmirlimab, a PET imaging agent targeting CD8+ T cells, is currently in Phase II clinical trials. ImaginAb has signed a multi-party collaboration agreement with Pfizer, Astra Zeneca and Takeda for furthering the clinical development of […]

Norgine Ventures completes £4 million financing with Collagen Solutions

London. 14th February 2017, 07.00 AM GMT. Norgine Ventures announced that it has provided financing of up to £4 million to Collagen Solutions plc. This investment recognises the high quality of the collagen products of Collagen Solutions, the opportunity to continue the growth trajectory through commercial expansion and the potential of their pipeline of proprietary […]