Norgine Ventures completes €10 million financing with caresyntax®

LONDON, UK. 26 September 2017, 1.00 PM BST. Norgine Ventures announced today that it has provided financing of up to €10 million to caresyntax®, a digital healthcare company based out of Berlin and Boston. This investment recognises the unique and differentiated product offering trading under caresyntax® in the rapidly growing market of operating room (“OR”) and medical device data integration and management solutions.

caresyntax® aims to improve surgical outcomes through data-driven integration and analysis enabled by a world-leading medical grade IoT technology and services platform. The caresyntax® product portfolio enables seamless interfacing of various systems and devices in the OR, automates information flow and management, and provides unique analytical tools to increase workflow efficiency and reduce both surgical outcome and cost variability.

The financing from Norgine Ventures will help the company accelerate further product development and global commercial expansion.

Peter Stein, Managing Director at Norgine Ventures
, said: “With our investment in caresyntax®, we are supporting a rapidly growing healthcare technology company, which brings true innovation to digital operating room integration, and a tangible clinical and economic value to hospitals. caresyntax® solutions enhance productivity and efficiency in the operating room and improve utilisation and safety, ultimately leading to better clinical outcomes. This investment furthers our commitment to funding innovating businesses with the potential to transform the healthcare sector and provide economic value to patients, healthcare professionals and payors.”

Dennis Kogan, CEO at caresyntax®, said: “We are pleased to welcome Norgine Ventures as a like-minded partner in bringing meaningful technological impact to the most mission-critical part of hospitals: the operating room. Our joint commitment to building companies at the forefront of innovation in surgical services is a promising sign of big things to come. caresyntax® solutions were created with the goal of using cutting-edge technology to identify and address the true drivers of variability in surgical quality. With this investment, we look forward to bringing our technologies to new heights and new markets.

Bjoern von Siemens, Managing Director at Surgical Intelligence
, said “Our partnership with Norgine represents a new direction for caresyntax®, enabled by an innovative solution. This investment also recognizes our collective 25 years of medical and surgical experience worldwide. Our global heritage and knowledge of the surgical environment provides the backbone of our portfolio of value-driven digital solutions, which were created with the goal of standardizing best practices and reducing surgical outcome variability across multiple specialties. In doing so, we can take excess costs out of the system and enable healthcare providers to improve quality of patient care.”

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About caresyntax®
caresyntax® is a surgical performance optimization platform that activates OR teams with unique point-of-care data to enhance surgical performance, reduce surgical outcome and cost variability, and improve patient care. To date, caresyntax® technologies have raised the performance bar in more than 6,000 operating rooms worldwide and are supporting the next generation of data-enabled OR teams in over 10 million procedures per year.
caresyntax® is wholly owned by Surgical Intelligence (“Surgical.AI”), a specialist company builder focusing on automation and artificial intelligence in surgery and acute care.

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